Lychee Jasmine flower tea


Time for a cup of tea….


Lychee Jasmine tea

I have this picture of Garfield the cat standing on a set of bathroom scales and the scales are saying….”I don’t weigh livestock”. Needless to say, the scales came off rather worse for wear!

Its diet time in my house and I need as much help as I can get, however there is only so much plain water a girl can drink and teas have a wonderful way of helping with their healthful properties.


Just add hot water.

Jasmine tea originates from the time of the Song Dynasty (960-1279)

These pretty flowers are made from green tea, oolong tea (also spelled wulong) and white tea and infused with the scent of the jasmine flower to enhance the smell and taste of the tea. They are then hand rolled into lychee sized balls.

3 The health properties of this tea come from green tea which is high in catechins and caffeine and oolong tea is high in polymerized polyphenols.

By drinking both of these teas you can achieve a greater fat burning effect.

It also uses the Globe amaranth flower (also known as bachelor’s button) which has medicinal properties for relief of cough, gripe and cooling the body.


Time to enjoy.

It is a lovely relaxing way to enjoy a cup of tea.

I feel healthier already!





JOLLO. 05.07.2012

Hi Hi,
Any idea where I could get some of these in Sydney Australia?
Make a nice change for a cuppa in front of my fav TV shows! (Cooking channel of course!)

CORRIE. 06.07.2012

Most Asian shops will sell them. Especially in Hurstville.


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