Let’s Get Cooking!


Well it is about time that I started to make use of the gazillion recipes that have been stolen, scanned, savoured, salivated over and saved on my computer.

I know the world already has enough cookbooks and blogs, but I want in on the fun too. So here goes nothing…..Welcome to my blog!

Corrie in an Apron

Proudly displaying the first prize for a recipe contest on allrecipes.com.au

 Food has always been a big deal in my personal life. I remember Dad taking us for drives on rainy nights into Sydney to have a “Harry’s cafe the wheels” pie with mushy peas or mashed potato on top, and a hot mustard that would curl the nose hairs.

Then at other times, after he had finished work late, we would go to the Chinese restaurant when it was nearly closing time and wait for all the other patrons to leave so that we could order what the family was having. None of this sweet and sour pork or chicken chow mien for us!  And we are talking very early 1970’s here where Australians palates had not been so well educated and refined as we have now. Mind you there is a great little Chinese place up the road that does the crispest, lightest battered pork with a sweet and sour sauce to die for.


One thing that has survived the test of time tho is the great Aussie Hamburger. My 16 year old, over 6 feet high, son, (whom I cannot fill at the moment) asked if he could go get hamburgers for lunch today. He meant he was going to eat both of them, so I told him to wait half an hour and I would whip one up for him. The result was one not even HIS mouth could get around!

A good 15cm’s high. That’ll fill him up.

Ok…..so this page has been a little bit of an exercise in computer skills and blogging skills and learning to down load pictures, etc….or is that upload?!?! Never mind; I hope it all comes better and easier with practice.

I am working my way methodically through the “le cordon bleu” cooks bible and ticking off all the 700 different techniques as I go. It may take a while but let’s just say I have a fridge full of chicken stock, brown beef stock, fish stock, veal stock, vegetable stock, consommé, court bouillon……

I bought the book in Paris when my Hubbie booked me into cooking classes at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school for two glorious weeks.

MUCH more about that another time.

Me in my Chefs hat.

To view the recipe I submitted to an on-line competition and won my bright orange apron and bag, click here…. http://allrecipes.com.au/recipe/10987/cornelia-s-south-african-biryani.aspx


Till next time….




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