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No more books in boxes!


Well after waiting for a few years during our renovations, we finally have our new library. Tall, Dark and Handsome!

It is filling the space left by the removal of the old kitchen, and now, along with various other genre, houses very appropriately 399 cookbooks.


Seeing as this is an odd number, I think I should buy another one to round it off to a neat 400. Don’t you?!


Five meters long and 2.6 metres tall.


The First Shelf

The first shelf includes books from, but not limited to, well known Chefs like, Neil Perry, Stephanie Alexander, Christine Manfield, Matt Moran, Manu Feildel, Richard Till a TV Chef from NZ, Pete Gawron a Chef from the central Otago heartland in a town called Arrowtown in NZ and a few from Elizabeth David.


Shelf number one.


Second and Third Shelves

The second and third shelves contain books by Rick Stein, Gary Rhodes, Tobie Puttock, Jamie Oliver, Steve Manfredi, Gary Mehigan, Gordon Ramsay, Gennaro and Ken Hom and some that I picked up in Singapore, Austrian, Paris and New York. There is even one from Jenny Craig, a weight loss program. As if that is ever going to work for me!!!


Shelves numbered two and three


Fourth Shelf

Shelf number four is only half full, because it contains a very special book, sitting proudly on a book stand, that I will show last….. There are books called “The Silver Spoon” which is a well known Italian recipe “bible” translated into English, a large fun book called “I know how to cook”, two beautiful books all about just Salts, (just quietly, I have 13 different salts in my Pantry!), a book from my visit to Venice, and the very well known “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by the illustrious Mrs Julia Child.


Shelf number Four


Fifth and Bottom Shelf

The last two shelves include Chef Kylie Kong’s beautiful book “My China”, George Calombaris book from his restaurant “the Helenic Republic” in Melbourne that we went to for our 21st wedding anniversary, Greek cook books, Asian, Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Moroccan, Cambodian, Aussie BBQ…the list goes on and on!


Cookbook Heaven!


Last but not least….

We now come to the book that is the last but definitely not the least…. It is called “Cooking with Master Chefs” and is personally signed by Julia Child herself!!! It sits proudly on a book stand wrapped in plastic and I only look through it with super clean hands. It was a prezzie from my Hubbie. What a man!


*****applause please****

In Paris…


While in school for a couple of weeks at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, I would walk past the picture of Julia Child hanging on the wall of the stair well. Everyone would stop, look at the picture and say “Hello Julia” with a smile on their face as they went on their way to class. Not being one to break with tradition, I did it too.




“Hello Julia”



Never too young


I have been collecting all styles of books for as long as I can remember. My Parents also have a fabulous library. I think a library really makes a house a home. I apologise to all the friends and family that have helped us move and carry all those boxes of books, but now our home has a very welcoming feeling.

And now I sign off with a picture of my friends 5 month old baby sitting on my lap whilst I read to her how to make “Harissa”  …. Never too young to learn! J



No licking the pages please. xoxo





EVA. 30.07.2012

Wow, that is quite an impressive collection!



Amazing. It’s my dream to have a room like this! Beautiful home.


DOM from ‘belleau kitchen’. 24.07.2012

Oh my word I am soooo jealous of your library. This is my dream home!… In fact, I’m thinking of moving in… Where do you live? Thanks for taking part x


EVA. 21.05.2012

Nice library Oma. Woohoo I’m famous xxxxxxx


EMMA P. 21.05.2012

*Wolf whistle* what a sexy library ……mmmm food. I could look at food for hours. Oh and what a gorgeous baby J X


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